Our Process

Through the years we have discovered that adhering to established procedures simplifies the development process and allows our clients to take an active role in the outcome.


It is during this phase that communication methods are established, feedback is gathered, information and procedures are reviewed, needs are determined and solutions are formulated.


Next, the creative team works to translate your ideas into a cohesive visual direction. We use your feedback to refine and adjust until we successfully convey your intended message.


This stage of Development includes the design and creation of the data base structure, the coding of all pages, and the incorporation of an attractive and intuitive user interface design.


During the Testing stage, the client joins our Quality Assurance staff in taking on the roles of site visitors and administrators, ensuring that all requirements have been met.


After the site has been moved to production it is actively monitored to ensure that all known issues have been resolved and that any unforeseen conditions are addressed immediately.
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